How many followers?

message off anonn if you are going to ask! but in my opinion, followers arent the point of tumblr, i dont see the big deal.

Rate my blog?

occasionally, ill do “like this for a rate” but if you message me for one, ill usually do it.

Check out my blog?

most of the time, if im feeling like it, yess so just message me!

Follow me?

please don’t ask this, its rude!

Promo for promo?

depends, so just message! i dont bite:)

Where did my promo go?

i delete them after a bit!

Vote for me?

Yah boii, just send me the link!

Close to my goal?

I love helping people reach their goal, but I will probs only promote you once.. messaageee :)

Where did you get your cursor and other codes?

look it up on google, theres tons of websites for it!

How do you get music to play on your blog?